Special Memorial

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Special Memorial


This is a poem written on Memorial Day during the Covid-19 pandemic to honor and remember those in our lives who have been lost before, despite, or because of Covid-19.


Sharon Rose Cappella




Just a brief quote from Kierkegaard within the poem



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Special Memorial

I will be strong in times of trial;
I will be true through times of pain.
When it is time to sacrifice so more won’t die,
I will remember those who were slain.

I will be vigilant to face the times.
I will be careful though I may have fought the strain.
When it is time to reflect on those no longer here,
Remember no one died in vain.

Though felled by war or age, ill or stars,
They will remain in us as though they live.
I will remember them more than Memorial Day.
For what lives on is love they still give.

I will carry the torch; I will raise the flag,
Which must hail at half-mast,
As we march toward a future where present matters
And remember all that has passed.

I will be strong for those who were stronger.
I will be brave for the braver heroes.
I will remember those we still do love
On this Memorial Day of repose.

Kierkegaard believed, “Faith sees best in the dark.”
I will believe when I have not seen.
I will remember when many forget
This special Memorial of what has been.

SharonRoseCappella ~ Monday 25 May 2020


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