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Bear Dance.m4a
An abbreviated play through of a 16th century dance tune, played on a tenor ukulele. An arrangement by Tony Mizen.

Image of the intersection of Golden Hill St. and Main St. in Brideport. Multi story brick buildings flank an empty, wet road marked with paint by utilities on an overcast day. The building to the left is boarded up on the bottom floor.

Image of the intersection of Pulaski St. and East Main St. in Bridgeport, CT. Restaurants, mini-marts, and business are closed with their security grates down. St Michael's Arch Church is visible in the background.

Image of a check cashing business in Bridgeport, CT (M&M Check Cashing LLC, 875 E Main St.). Two customers wearing masks wait outside the door. Two women on a white scooter are framed in the left corner of the image.

Mayer-Law_3300071 copy-2.jpg
Image of construction machines and vehicles parked on am empty light, shot through a chain link fence; a large graffitied industrial building frames the right side of the image.

Image of a public space in Bridgeport. A figure sits on a large, stately redstone building with copper downspouts. The figure's legs are crossed, their backpack sits to their right. A large tree surrounded by daffodils in the foreground casts a…

Image of Bridgeport Energy LLC power station (10 Atlantic St.), taken in the late afternoon. The golden light of the setting sun gives a yellow hue to the rusty white towers. The little stem being produces and an American flag are caught by a light…

[Image of Bridgeport and environs taken during the COVID-19 Pandemic]

[Image of Bridgeport and environs taken during the COVID-19 Pandemic]

[Image of Bridgeport and environs taken during the COVID-19 Pandemic]
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