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What Should I Document?

What should I document?

How has the virus changed how you live at the moment? Describe and record your everyday life experiences-- no matter how uneventful, ordinary or routine. What are your experiences working from home—as a student, parent, caregiver? What was your reaction to the closing of campus? How has the virus changed or influenced your future plans?

How we are reconsidering questions of our individual and collective mortality?

What is the "story" we are in?

Where do we go from here?

Record these experiences in a journal, or create short poems, haiku, short stories, essays, etc. Create drawings, comics, illustrations, photographs, self-portraits, scrapbooking, and portraits of your co-inhabitants...

Inspiration: Selected Links

Documenting All the Small Things That Are Easily Lost, (The Diary Project) Lynda Barry

Journal Prompts to Cope with the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic (From Connecticut College)

(Music and Poetry) Cornelius Eady: Creativity in Isolation

Toi Derricotte (Poet)

Grafitti and Street Art (Smithsonian Magazine)

Together (from m ss ng p eces)