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Crowley_Patrick - Footsteps.pdf
This poem is a stream of consciousness musing on a number of things that quarantine raises for me. The act of creation versus consumption; the idea of our debt to technicians as much as creators, as much to craftsmen as artists; worries over th…

This picture was taken as part of the Getty's call for people to recreate their favorite work of art with things they had around the house while in isolation. My wife, Maeve Doyle, suggested this historiated initial in the Ruskin Hours (Ms. Ludwig IX…

Bear Dance.m4a
An abbreviated play through of a 16th century dance tune, played on a tenor ukulele. An arrangement by Tony Mizen.

A video showing some of the annoying pitfalls and solution in making masks at home to screen me and my wife from coronavirus.

An impromptu poem written after being unexpectedly overcome with tears by seemingly quotidian call for donations to a COVID relief fund penned by a former professor and intended for a community that I deeply miss and, perhaps, over-romanticize.

"There’s a poignancy to being a swimmer now, in that we’re not able to do it just when we need it most. But even though public pools are closed and we are limited in the wild places where we can swim, thinking about immersion in our favorite watering…

A photo series of the coronavirus pandemic in my hometown of Ansonia, Conn. To document the changes around my hometown and to see the people and lives of others being effected.

Drawing 6.jpg
This is a drawing that I did as a part of my final series for Introductory Drawing II this past semester. It depicts an image of a photograph that I took at the beginning of my senior year on Southern’s campus. It was a rainy day as I was walking…

This piece is about how COVID-19 reinforced my opinions on our current president and national government.

Poem that relates to the overwhelming events of the past week, but also historical nature, and the black experience during Covid 19 and meditative breathe and the importance of breathing with a respiratory infection like Covid 19. Yet the image of…
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